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V-Machines Software Downloads

Welcome! On this site you will find all V-Machines software downloads: Here you can download the latest VFX and V-Machines versions for the V-Machine, V-Rack, V-Pedal and V-Rack XL. We have marked the Mac and Windows versions with special icons so you can easily find the right software for your OS.


Win XP / Vista / 7

Please download the lastest VFX version 2.0 (20101204) here:

System requirements Windows based PC:

• Pentium III, Windows XP/Vista/7, 1 GB RAM








Please download the lastest VFX version 2.0 (20101204) here:

System requirements Apple Macintosh:

• Minimal: 1.5 Ghz Intel Core, Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, 1 GB RAM X11 installed.

X11 is not included with Mountain Lion. You have to download and install it: http://bit.ly/MGXsDx

Note: The VFX system uses WINDOWS VST plugins only, even on Mac!







Infos & Release Notes


{rokbox title=|V-Machine & VFX Software :: Changes of the VFX Software since version 20091208| thumb=|images/txt2.png| size=|910 700| album=|demo|}http://www.smproaudio.com/download/Read_Me.txt{/rokbox}

The new features offered by this software version build change the way that the Plugs and Banks olders are handled. The new system allows for the creation of VFX Library folders.

Install SampleTank SE from the included CD

• This is a very important step as the plug-in needs to be installed and made available to the VFX Application to function correctly.

• Follow the installation and authorisation as per the instructions included on the Sampletank CD. You will need to register your plug-ins on the IK Multimedia website.

• Please Note: You can find your Sampletank 2 SE serial number on a sticker attached to the CD cover/sleeve.

• Note: If you don't want to play SampleTank SE within the VFX Host Software you can skip this step!



{rokbox title=|V-Machine & VFX Software :: Release notes| thumb=|images/txt2.png| size=|800 700| album=|demo|}http://www.smproaudio.com/download/Release_Notes.txt{/rokbox}

Release Notes (click icon for a full list)










Quick Start Guide







The new V-Machine factory library


Here you can download our new V-Machine factory library! We've thrown some high quality plugins in like TruePianos, Superwave P8 and a hole lot more. Please download the new library here (size about 600 MB). Do not forget to backup your library before installing!


The following plugins are new:
4Front TruePianos

A very playable sampled grand piano. Other than a switch for the reverb and adjustable velocity response, there are no editable parameters – but there are no editable parameters on a real piano either! Play and enjoy. (For more information, visit www.truepianos.com)





SonicProjects OP-­X Free

A virtual analog synth with a nice variety of sounds, but only a couple of basic user-­editable parameters. (For more information, visit www.sonicprojects.ch/obx/welcome.html)






AlgoMusic String Synth

An analog-style string machine with a nice rich sound.






ElektroStudio DavoSynth

This emulation of a classic electric organ design uses an octave at the left end of the keyboard for real-time control of articulations. The plugin is monophonic; that is, it can’t play chords. (For more information, visit www.elektrostudio.ovh.org/index2.php)





ElektroStudio MicroMoon

A single-oscillator analog-style synth whose design was inspired by the MicroMoog. The envelopes use switches rather than a full ADSR shape, but the filter sounds nice and rich.






ElektroStudio Moon Sono S

The vintage duophonic keyboard mode on this analog-style synth is unusual – and like the hardware analog instruments of the ’70s, it has an audio input, allowing its filter or ring modulator to be used as an effect processor. The effect will be gated on and off by MIDI notes on the receive channel that you specify in the VFX Application’s Mixer slot.




ElektroStudio Ocet

This six-channel analog drum box is very interactive. After setting up some patterns using the graphic editor in the VFX Application (and saving the Preset to your Library), you can switch patterns from a MIDI keyboard while the music plays.





ElektroStudio ODsay

Closely patterned after the ARP Odyssey, this virtual analog synth has switchable signal routings and a duophonic keyboard mode.





ElektroStudio OR2V

Two voice modules and a dual eight-step pitch sequencer are the main features of this analog-style synth, which bears a passing resemblance to an Oberheim Two-Voice system.





ElektroStudio Sixth Month June

Not unlike the Roland Juno-6 in concept, the SxMJune is a six-note-polyphonic analog-type synth with one oscillator, one envelope generator, and a basic arpeggiator.





ElektroStudio Tapeotronic

The sounds of the Mellotron (a ’60s-era keyboard that played sounds from lengths of analog recording tape) are evoked by the Tapeotronic. Flute, vocal choir, and a string section, all delightfully lo-fi.






eSLine String Machine

A digital emulation of the ARP Solina, a ’70s-era analog string machine. Just the thing to go with your lava lamp and bell-bottoms.





SuperWave P8

This virtual analog synth has a dual-oscillator, dual-filter voicing setup. Essentially, it’s two synthesizers in one. The sound is especially fat because of the seven-voice detuning of the Super Wave oscillators. (For more information, visit www.superwavesynths.co.uk/product_p8.htm)





The following plugins are pre-installed:
IK Multimedia SampleTank 2.5 SE

SampleTank is the ultimate sample-workstation. With an exclusive combination of features and sounds, SampleTank stands apart from any other sample-based virtual instrument, as one of the most powerful and easy-to-use solutions for making fully produced songs out of the box.

We have encluded over 300 MB of stunning acoustic piano and bass sounds, synth pads, drums and other beautiful sampled instruments.



4Front Technologies Bass Module & E-Piano Module & Piano Module

4FRONT BASS MODULE: The bass module is a morph between sample playback and a synthesizer. Original string excitation is sampled, and then sound is modeled.

4FRONT E-PIANO MODULE: E-Piano module with a rich, warm and silky sound. It is quite unique by its character. The module is made with a hybrid technology, which involves sample playback and synthesizing within one case.

4FRONT PIANO MODULE: A small and versatile piano module with unique sound. Unlike many other piano modules (like those gigabyte pianos), this module will never overload CPU. It will never stick notes, and never break the sound or click during live performances.


AlgoMusic Arpy & PhadiZ

Arpy's features includes a unison oscillator with selectable number of voices, an arpeggiator, synced LFO's and delay.It is described as a "groove generator with a unique sound".

PhadiZ is a free phase distortion synth (think Casio CZ101) with lots of stereo options including a very unique panning/filter swoosh sound for great pads.




e-phonic Drumatic 3 & Invader & LOFI & Retro Delay & SoloString

Drumatic 3 is a virtual-analogue drum synthesizer. All sounds are 100% synthetic and allow an enormous flexibility and variation.

Invader 1.1 is a FX Synthesizer

LOFI is very cool Audio destruction unit

Retro Delay is a flexible allround delay effect in VST format. It has the character and sound of a vintage delay unit but features many modern options. Besides delays, it can produce a wide range of modulation, chorus, flanger and phaser effects.

SoloString 1.0: Physical modeled acoustic guitar synthesizer

FSynthz 15 & 15.5 & Air4th

15 & 15.5: a big deal of modwheel-morphing; rich sound; cuts good thru a mix

Air4th is a polysynth for fat chorused chords





Ugo Motion & Texture

Motion v2.8: The basic idea behind this synth, as it's name suggests, is to offer a wide variety of ways to create automated motion of the synth's sound. This is achieved by the use of 4 envelopes, 8 LFOs, three 16 step CV sequencers, and a filtered delay module...all of which can sync to your host's midi clock.

Texture v1.2: Texture offers an amazingly wide range of...well...textures. Smooth, odd digital ambiences, metallic rings, synthetic percussion, brutally distorted sounds, classic virtual analog sounds, and even some physical modeling type tones are all possible with this unique synth. The heart of Texture is its special band pass filter that offers great variety and depth of tone. After that, you can continue to sculpt your sonic textures with three types of distortion, high rez low pass filtering, metallic effects, reverb, gate sequencing and dual delays.



VFX Silver Skin - Alternative GUI

"VFX Silver Skin" is our new alternative interface for the VFX application. Just download the zip file, unpack it and move to your application folder where your current VFX software is.

Please note: VFX Silver Skin is identical to the latest VFX version 20101204 (see above). We just exchanged graphic files and nothing else.

Use at your own risk.

Win XP / Vista / 7

Please download the new Silver Skin Version 2.0 (20101204) here:

System requirements Windows based PC:

• Pentium III, Windows XP/Vista/7, 1 GB RAM







Mac OSX 10.5.x / 10.6.x

Please download the new Silver Skin Version 2.0 (20101204) here:

System requirements Apple Macintosh:

• Minimal: 1.5 Ghz Intel Core, Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, 1 GB RAM X11 installed

X11 is not included with Mountain Lion. You have to download and install it: http://bit.ly/MGXsDx

Note: The VFX system uses WINDOWS VST plugins only, even on Mac!







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