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  • EP84
    8 Channel
    Microphone Preamp
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EP84: 8 channel microphone preamp


The EP84 is the latest multi-channel microphone preamplifier from SM Pro Audio. Packed with quality features and connectivity options, this sturdy 2RU rack-mountable unit is designed to provide studio users with 8 channels of pristine microphone preamplification. The EP84 is the perfect front end for computer audio systems, stand-alone hard disk recorders, or just about any other analog or digital workstation.

With all the functionality of a top line preamplifier, the EP84 features independent variable gain control, -20dB pad, phase reverse, low cut filters, 48v Phantom power, and insert points on each of the eight (8) channels.

Each mic-pre provides some 60dB of gain with a massive 23db of maximum output.

Eight (8) ADAT format channel outputs can be added to the EP84 via installation of the optional SMADAT ADAT output module. With this simple user installed option, the EP84 integrates superbly into today’s digital studio environments without a hitch. Great for connection to the latest ADAT compatible audio interfaces, the EP84 expands your recording possibilities. Why not make use of the features you have and mic up the whole band!

*Note: The analog outputs (both +4dB XLR & -10 dB TS) and the digital ADAT ouput (when fitted with the SMADAT output module) operate simultaneously.


  • 8 x discrete microphone preamplifiers
  • Mic In: Min sensitivity -60 dB
  • Modular PCB design
  • Mic In: Peak input level +9.5 dB
  • XLR and TRS inputs and outputs
  • Line In: Impedance 4.7K
  • Insert points per channel
  • Line In: Min sensitivity: -35dB
  • Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range
  • Line In: Peak input level: +32 dB
  • Low-Noise Operating Levels
  • Output: Impedance: 600 Ohms
  • Peak Light per channel
  • Peak output level:+23dB
  • 48V Phantom Power per channel
  • Frequency response: 20Hz- 20KHz 0dB- -0.5dB
  • Phase reverse per channel
  • Distortion: 0.005%
  • -20dB Pad per channel
  • S/N: > 105dB
  • Gain control per channel
  • Crosstalk rejection: >120dB @1KHz; -20dB input
  • 80 Hz Low cut filter per channel
  • Max Gain: 58dB
  • optional ADAT Module (PR8IIA)
  • Housing: Metal
  • Mic Ins: Impedance 4.7 KOhms


Hi res pictures

Connection guide

EP84 Connection Guide

How to connect your EP84.


Press reviews


“Let’s come to the sensation: the price. When you need a good sounding and extremely low priced multi channel solution it is a must to try out the EP84. In that price range this unit stays unbeatable.”

Keys 5/07


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