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  • PM8
    Passive Summing Box
    With 8 Channels
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PM8: Passive 8 channel summing box


Why a ‘passive’ mixer, we hear you say? For software multi-track and hardware synth users, there are plenty of good reasons. Without getting too technical about it, the upshot is that your mixdowns will simply sound better as a result.

Those of us who mix using computer software are faced with an inevitable compromise. You can spend a great deal of time trying to build up a mix to sound clear and dynamic, with great depth and dimension. Yet, as you’re building things up, things just don’t seem to sound the way they should. Then, by the time you listen to the stereo CD, you’re not smiling anymore. Even while folks might be congratulating you on a job well done, you know something is not right.

Don’t worry! It’s not your imagination. Your ears are telling you the truth!

Just as with hardware mixing consoles, software faces similar challenges when it comes to modifying and merging multiple audio signals into a single stereo stream. Something strange always seems to happen to the sound. Software developers spend an enormous amount of time and money in trying to get this right. This partly explains why the best software also costs big bucks. Even when multi-tracking with software, this is why top studio producers and engineers around the world will almost unanimously opt for using a good hardware console for final mixdowns.

So, for those of us who would prefer not to spend mega-dollars on a high-end mixing console but would like to get closer to the real deal, all you need do is hook up a multi-channel audio interface to the PM8 Passive Summing Box and you’ll be wanting to remix everything you’ve ever done!

Using high quality components, the PM8 merges up to eight analog channels into a clean and clear stereo pair, with all the sonic depth and dynamics intact. If your software is not cutting it, just use it for what it’s best at – multi-tracking! Leave the merging of the final stereo mix to the PM8. And if you need more channels – just hook up another PM8!

As with all passive mixing devices, passively attenuating the signals will lead to a drop in the main mix output level. The PM8 offers a transparant active gain make-up stage (this requires the unit to be connected to mains power). If you do not need the make-up gain, or would like to use your own external make-up gain unit/preamplifer, you do not need to connect mains power to the PM8. The audio path will remain fully passive from input to output. It’s also the perfect tool for merging those great sounding hardware synths and samplers into the mix without compromise.


  • Pristine 8 x channel passive mix bus
  • 8 x combo TRS/XLR inputs
  • 2 x stereo output pairs
  • 1 x 25 pin DSUB input (Protools/Tascam format)
  • 1 x 5 pin link connector for chaining multiple PM8's
  • 2 stereo mix volume controls
  • 8 x mute switches
  • 8 x rotary pan controls
  • Max. entrance volume: +42 dB
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 100 kHz with 0.5dB
  • Cross modulation @ 1 kHz - 90 dB
  • Max. output volume: +24 dB
  • Output impedance: 50 ohms balanced
  • 1 x ground pin connector
  • Internal power pack (110 V - 230 V adjustably)
  • Housing: Metal


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