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  • IN5E
    USB Audio Interface
    & Stand alone Mixer
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IN5E: USB Audio Interface and Stand alone Mixer


The IN5E covers a huge range of applications for use in the home/project studio. It is suitable for mixing various analog audio signals to a high quality recording output channel in high quality low noise analog format. In addition to this, the unit will operate as a versatile monitor mixer providing facilities for up to 12 channels of monitored signal!

Many users will be glad to see the options provided for connectivity. 3 x Bal mic inputs with switchable phantom power, peak lights, and gain control can be found on the front of the unit (3 x inserts available on these channels). An additional 4 x mono (2 x stereo) line level inputs, 1 x stereo Turn-table , CD or Phono inputs with RIAA EQ and level controls are also present. This is great news for DJ's home audiophile users wanting to digitize their vinyl and transfer to the PC!


  • 3 x Eseries Mic Pre amps with phantom power
  • 1 x Turn-Table, CD inputs with switchable RIAA EQ and level controls
  • 2 x Stereo Line inputs
  • 3 x Insert points
  • 2 x Headphone monitoring amplifiers
  • Cat5 input (compatibele to Violet Audio TST3)
  • USB I/O (PC and MAC)
  • 24bit / 48khz AD/DA




Product details

TST3 connection

This connection is very unique. Together with Violet Audio, the Audio/LAN pro's, this connection helps you sending three microphone signals (even with phantom power) just with one standard CAT5 cable. Connect the IN5E with the new TST3: It is a wall mountable audio input connector plate. It features three (3) x combo audio input connectors on the front panel and a standard Cat 5 Ethernet output connector on the rear. Keep it simple!

More info can be found here: www.violetaudio.com

Dual Bus Mixer

Each channel on the IN5E can be switched and routed to a monitor or recording output pair and of course to the USB port. Perfect for eliminating latency when tracking recordings directly to your PC, this special "Direct Recording Mode" enables the user to have certain inputs monitored only, and others sent to your "record outs" with high quality analog fidelity. It's as easy as pressing a button!

USB connection

The USB I/O at the back turns the IN5E to a true computer recording interface. As it is USB class compliant there is no need for complicated driver installations. If you have a Mac you can run the IN5E with Core Audio drivers. Whenn connecting to a Windows PC we recommend installing ASIO drivers. The Freeware ASIO4all provides low latency drivers for Win systems and can be downloaded here: www.asio4all.com

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