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Welcome to uMiX digital mixing

WHAT is uMiX?

uMiX is a range of fully featured remote controllable digital mixers.
Rack-mountable or as a stage box uMiX is a portable road-ready mixing solution. The uMiX family includes the uMiX mini (8ch), uMiX 12, uMiX 16 and uMiX 24. A digital mixer for everyone and every application.

Delivering the benefits of digital mixing, uMiX features a pristine 56-bit double precision audio signal path with detailed Parametric EQ, Dynamics, and digital FX available on all channels.

All uMiX models include an on board secure Wi-Fi and Ethernet router and remote microphone preamps providing a truly out of the box remote mixing solution.

Built for both desktop and touch devices, uMiX brings remote access, multi-touch, key commands, and an intuitive GUI with the look and feel of a hardware mixer. All you need is a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone with a modern web browser. No apps or software downloads. Simply join the uMiX network and take control.

Why buy an analog mixer when you can buy a digital mixer for the same price? Welcome to digital, own a uMiX.


For Mac and PC, we recommend Chrome and Opera browsers. These two browsers use a presentation mode which provides an excellent full screen experience.
(Mac - SHIFT-COMMAND-F) (PC/Linux - F11)

For iPad users, we recommend the Atomic web browser.

It has the best full screen experience. Full screen is toggled on/off with a 3 finger tap. Go to Settings, Full Screen Options,

  1. Auto Full Screen ON
  2. Disable all assigned full screen buttons

Then go Settings, Multi touch and gestures and disable 2 finger swipe left and 2 finger swipe right.

For Android users, we recommend Chrome.

It has a full screen feature that works like an app. Start your uMiX software from within the chrome browser page, then go to chrome settings, and click, Add to Homescreen. It will create an application shortcut icon to your device’s homescreen. Then launch the uMiX app from the homescreen, and it should open in full-screen “app mode” using Chrome for Android.


Most mixer functions are accessed from the top navigation bar. However, there are a number of navigation features that are found in the uMiX slideout. Click the uMiX button in the top right corner to access, jump to buttons for FX returns, Sub Groups and AUX sends, as well as view groups, and mute groups. Setting up these groups is managed in the TOTAL VIEW page (icon to the right of MIX/GAIN) then the Mutes, Views and Subs tabs.

Access the Channel Popup menu by clicking or holding the channel name.

If you have a keyboard, try:

Key commands (start with 1 through 8, then Q,W,E,A,S,D).

Use left and right arrows in Mix/Gain mode to jump fader banks.

If you are on a tablet, try:

Scrolling channels left & right with 2 finger swipe.

Please try our early release Beta software in your browser and feel free to share your uMiX experience with us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

umix main mix

Take me to the uMiX software

Please note there is no audio on this software demo. The metering is simply in emulation mode.