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    Wireless DI Box
    With 2.4 GHz Operation
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TRANZ: Wireless Stereo Direct Injection System


Make Virtually Any Audio System Wireless!

Wish you could use active monitors in your surround system, but the wiring is just too messy? Does your band’s singer have visions of a flying stage, but cables are keeping her grounded? Tired of running a giant snake to the front of house console, when all you really need is to send a direct line from the bass rig?

Get unwired with the TRANZ-T / TRANZ-R stereo wireless DI system, and untangle your cable problems once and for all.

Multiple TRANZ Receivers can be hooked up to one TRANZ T!


  • 2.4GHz Operation
  • 2-Channel Automatic Frequency Hopping
  • Up to 30 Meter Operating Range*
  • L/R Balanced XLR Inputs (TRANZ T)
  • L/R Unbalanced RCA Inputs (TRANZ T)
  • L/R Balanced XLR Outputs (TRANZ R)
  • L/R Unbalanced RCA Outputs (TRANZ R)
  • Continuously Variable Input Control
  • Peak / Power / System Check LED Indictors
  • Operates on 9V Battery (TRANZ R) or +12V External Power (optional)
  • Channel Select Switch
  • Power On/Off Switch
  • Multiple TRANZ Receivers can be hooked up to one TRANZ T!
  • sold separately


Examples of how to use

On stage:

Connect your instrument or MP3 player to one TRANZ T and send the signal to multiple TRANZ Rs', e.g. to the FOH mixer and record it simultaneously on a computer.


In the studio:

Connect your computer or master mixer in your control room to one TRANZ T and send a stereo AUX signal into the studio to one TRANZ R. Cable free headphone mixes for your singer, etc.!



Hi res pictures


* The distance is dependant on several aspects. The TRANZ system uses the 2.4gHz frequency range so please take care to what other 2.4gHz equipment is operating in the area which may interfere with the quality of the signal.


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