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  • JuiceRack1
    Single Slot
    500 Series Power Rack
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JuiceRack 1: Single Slot 500 Series Power Rack


JuiceRack1 is a single-slot power source for operating one 500-series module. The back panel includes both balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4” inputs and outputs; a 48V phantom power switch is located on the front. JuiceRack1 is a half-rack format, and includes a connector that allows two units to be mounted into a single 1u 19” rack.

Features all-metal construction and full compatibility with the 500-series format. The external AC power supply design, which keeps the power transformer separated from your 500 module’s sensitive electronics, ensures reduced hum and signal interference.


Grammy winning recording engineer Francis Buckley about the JuiceRack8:

Watch the others, too! Francis Buckley about:

Our JuiceRack 1 power supply produces more current than any other 500 series power unit on the market today. So you can be confident that any brand of 500 series module will be powered correctly in your SM Pro Audio JuiceRack 1.

The power output (in milliamps) for the JuiceRack 1 is as follows: Juicerack 1 = 600mA

The original API™ spec calls for an average of 130mA for each slot, but there are 500 series modules from many manufacturers that require more power than that average. SM Pro Audio ensures that you can easily power any 500 series module available today with our JuiceRack 1 power supply.

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